Alienware M11x, portabilidad para gamers

Alienware M11xDell ha estado sonando fuerte últimamente por un portátil destinado a un público específico y exquisito, el de los gamers. Hablamos del Alienware M11x, un ultraportátil con pantalla de 11 pulgadas que ya en el CES captó todas las miradas de los asistentes, especialmente de los gamers interesados en equipos con una portabilidad mayor a la común en este tipo de portátiles.

El Alienware M11x tiene pantalla LED con resolución de 1366×768 píxeles, y viene con la comentada gráfica NVIDIA GeForce 335M, con 1GB de memoria. La batería que incorpora es de 8 celdas, lo cual ofrece hasta 8,5 horas de autonomía en menos de 2Kg de peso.

Las opciones van desde la más básica y económica, con Windows 7 Home Premium de 64biy y procesador Intel Pentium SU4100, hasta la más extrema, con procesador Intel Core 2 Duo y Windows 7 Ultimate.

De momento, este portátil no está disponible todavía en España, pero sí se puede pedir ya a EEUU. Lo hay en dos colores, Cosmic Black y Lunar Shadow. Los precios comienzan en los 799 dólares, unos 575 euros al cambio, y pueden llegar hasta donde el usuario quiera.

  • Carele

    (Personal Computers) I ordered my Alienware M15x thguroh the Dell website on 12/3/2009. Delivery occurred on 12/18/2009, which was the original order anticipated build completion date. Nice! The laptop is replacing a home-built custom quad-core Cosmos gaming PC. During the purchase process, I opted for the RAM upgrade to 4GB @ 1333MHz, upgraded the video card to the 260m (and got a $50 Dell promo gift card from this), got the 1080p screen, and upped the hard drive to 320GB. I subscribe to Steve Job’s notion that Blu-Ray is a bag of hurt, so I stuck with the DVD/CD slot burner. Performance-wise, the M15x is Sea Biscuit. I’ve thrown several games at it, from Crysis (silky-smooth at high resolution), WoW, Torchlight, Fallout 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Half-Life 2, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Company of Heroes. All ran flawlessly, at max or near-max settings. The standard Core i7 1.6GHz (2.8GHz turbo) cuts thguroh these applications like nothing I’ve seen. While I enjoyed overclocking my custom desktop PC, this machine doesn’t really need it. It’s greased lightning right out of the box. Pros: I liked the price point. I knew I was getting a great machine for the money, and what I spent matches what I received. Weight. This is a desktop replacement, so I expected some heft. I like the fact that this thing has some meat to it. If I wanted a light, take-anywhere laptop, I would have bought a netbook. Alienware effects/polish/workmanship worth the price of admission. This is a beautiful machine. Dell’s service. Anytime a company underpromises and overdelivers, I’m a happy camper. The M15x arrived way ahead of schedule, packaged professionally, and came out of the box ready to roll. My cons are pretty similar to other reviewers: – screen is really reflective, but playing in a darker room mitigates this. – touchpad. I don’t know who was driving the boat when they decided on this particular hardware. It’s not that bad, but it’s not great either. Onscreen movement is pretty herky-jerky, even after software update. Mouse-users won’t bother with it. After years of desktop machines and business laptops, this is my first personal laptop, and start-to-finish, it’s been a great experience. It’s easily replaced my workhorse desktop for all my uses. I will gladly buy Dell/Alienware again down the road. Can’t recommend it enough.